Contamination Box Set: The Complete Post-Apocalyptic Series Books 0-7

Post Script Publishing #ad - In this new world, there will be no last meal, no dying wish. The only reward left is to survive another day. The complete contamination series - all in this one, special editionbook 0 - Prequelbook 1 - The Onsetbook 2 - Crossroadsbook 3 - Wastelandbook 4 - Escapebook 5 - Survivalbook 6 - Sanctuarybook 7 - Resistance.

The best-selling post-apocalyptic series, contamination - the complete series Books 0-7, available for the first time in one special box set! Over 1, 200 pages of reading!The infection has begun, ravaging the American Southwest and leaving chaos in its wake.


The Long Night Box Set: The Complete The Long Night Series - Books 1-6

Muonic Press Inc #ad - After witnessing the long night, when nearly every living soul around him drops dead at the same moment, his fleeting troubles suddenly become unimportant and one goal coalesces in his mind: get to his family, no matter the cost. Raw survival turns into something more when he comes across a man who claims to know what happened - and predicts that the rest of the survivors will soon follow in the footsteps of those who already died.

A unique take on the apocalypse and on the post-apocalyptic genre, The Long Night box set is the complete post-apocalyptic series in one convenient box set. Thrust into a pit of intrigue, corporate sabotage and greed, Solly must weigh his responsibility to his family with the knowledge that he just might be the key to preventing The Long Night from leading to the extinction of the human race.

The long night is a collaborative work between Kevin Partner and Mike Kraus. Now, for the few who remain alive, the question of their continued survival rests on the shoulders of one unlikely man. Solly masters is having a rough night. One man will stand apart in the chaos, seeking to reunite with his family as he becomes embroiled in a desperate attempt to save those few who survived The Long Night.

The Long Night Box Set: The Complete The Long Night Series - Books 1-6 #ad - From #1 best-selling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus comes a brand new, never before seen take on the end of the world, ripped straight from the headlines. When the leader of the largest healthcare company in the world drops dead on national television, over ninety percent of the civilized world follow in his wake.

Health tracking implants called BonesWare were supposed to predict disease, prolong life and lead to a healthier, more robust society.


Books 1-9 - Last Mayor Box Set: The Complete Post Apocalyptic Series

#ad - I felt like i knew these people! absolute must rEAD!'★★★★★ 'I loved the twist. Wow, i loved this first set. Slaughter the dead. Zombies rampage through the streets of Manhattan. Over 3, 000 pages of riveting apocalypse action!Save the living. The bestselling, epic post-apocalyptic thriller The Last Mayor - the complete series of 9 books, in one box set.

I could not put it down, well done story!!'★★★★★ 'a definite must-read!'★★★★★ 'The series is NOT your typical zombie apocalypse book. The Lost3. Grist has a unique character layout that really keeps the story flowing, and the pages turning. A great read - learn the stories of three very different apocalypse survivors and how they meet and become a family.

Books 1-9 - Last Mayor Box Set: The Complete Post Apocalyptic Series #ad - The Least4. Comic book artist amo is alone, maybe the last person alive in a world of the raging dead, and now he's got a job to do - find and save the other survivors. But the zombies are not what he thought they were, and soon everything will change. This digital box set contains all 9 thrillers in the Last Mayor bestselling series, for almost a million words of gripping apocalypse adventure.

Buy the complete last mayor series to start this gripping survival horror series today!Over 300 5-star reviews on Goodreads.


Slow Burn Box Set: The Complete Post Apocalyptic Series Books 1-9

Beezle Media, LLC #ad - How does anyone prepare for a disease that can drive an entire species into extinction?By the time it was truly understood what was happening, the virus was in the air, the hospitals were overrun, in the neighbor's veins, and it was already too late. Unlucky for us. More than a million sold. Now in one special box set, including Null Spot, a brand new Slow Burn novella.

It was one lucky mutation, lucky for the virus, that is. Of course, we weren't prepared for it. Over 7, 000 5-star reviews. Except for those who would do anything to survive.


No Sanctuary Box Set: The Complete No Sanctuary Series - Books 1-6

#ad - But in a world with no safety, no security and no sanctuary it takes more than one person to survive. No sanctuary is a post-apocalyptic thriller/survival series that asks the "what if" question that lurks in the back of everyone's mind. One chance to make it home. The country in shambles and the country's transportation capabilities are crippled beyond repair.

A mysterious stranger. What if there was another attack? what if it was larger than any other? what would you do if it came without warning?This is an omnibus edition of No Sanctuary, meaning that this contains the complete series, which consists of the following books:Book 1 - No SanctuaryBook 2 - The PrecipiceBook 3 - The FractureBook 4 - The TempestBook 5 - The GauntletBook 6 - The Battle.

No Sanctuary Box Set: The Complete No Sanctuary Series - Books 1-6 #ad - As chaos descends across the country, frank's home-grown survival and preparedness training and the help of a mysterious stranger he meets are the only things he can rely on to see him safely across the thousand miles separating him and his loved ones. Frank richards has been an accountant for most of his life, but when the economy took a turn for the worse he was forced to take the only job he could find - driving tractor-trailers cross-country.

With skills as strange as her background, Linda's far more prepared than Frank to survive in a fallen world. Frank richards barely escapes with his life when he watches his truck explode in front of his eyes. If he wants to make it from maine to Texas, though, he'll have to figure out how to get along with the mysterious stranger that he's picked up along the way.

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Books 1-6 - Solar Crash Box Set: The Complete Solar Crash Series

Muonic Press Inc #ad - Trapped in the firestorm raging across Chicago, Leonard will stop at nothing to find his family while his wife and son struggle to stay alive in the chaos. When a cme that dwarfs the carrington event engulfs the world, Len - a businessman with next to zero survival training and experience - sets off to find his wife and child.

The critically acclaimed solar crash series, from the #1 Best-Selling Post-Apocalyptic Author, Now in One Complete Edition!One day the lights will go out. His survival depends solely on his ability to learn on the fly in this twisted new hellscape of a world. From the #1 best-selling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus and author E.

Books 1-6 - Solar Crash Box Set: The Complete Solar Crash Series #ad - S. Richards comes a fresh new take on the EMP/CME story. How prepared are you?an enormous coronal mass ejection engulfs the world, destroying electrical grids and causing secondary fires to break out in every major city. Emerging out of the heart of Chicago, he will face dangers of all types and experience both the heights and depths of humanity.

With characters that are learning how to survive as they go - and finding some unlikely teachers along the way - they represent the true "everyday person" who isn't a hardcore prepper or survivalist, something unique and exciting in this genre. This box set combines all six books from the Solar Crash series into one complete package, perfect for readers new to Richards or Kraus, or the post-apocalyptic thriller genre in general.

Millions die in the first few hours, and even those who are most prepared are caught unawares.


Dustfall: The Complete Post Apocalyptic Series Books 1-5

Element 12 Ltd #ad - Thorn and glynn james comes dustfall, a new post-apocalyptic series chronicling one man’s challenge and his epic quest to save what remains of humanity. When jonah inherits leadership of the elk clan from his father, many in the old man’s inner circle question his son’s ability to lead the tribe to their winter shelter at the ruins of Eliz.

Dustfall: The Complete Post Apocalyptic Series Books 1-5 #ad - . The entire five-novel series in one compilation!book 1 - shadows of a lost ageBook 2 - The Parting of WaysBook 3 - The Baying of WolvesBook 4 - Sons of the LostBook 5 - What Lies Beneath“With every light comes a shadow. Dustfallin a ravaged clan on the edge of humanity, the suspicious death of a chief thrusts a man into a dark realm for which he is unprepared.

A dark stranger, a journey over hundreds of miles of dangerous highway and clashes with feral gangs will push Jonah to the edge. From bestselling authors J.


The Long Fall Box Set: The Complete Long Fall Series - Books 1-10

Muonic Press Inc #ad - The critically acclaimed the long fall series, now in one complete edition! the long fall is an epic survival/thriller post-apocalyptic series from best-selling post-apocalyptic authors Mike Kraus and Logan Keys, featuring the complete 10-book series!When the world starts to collapse, what will you do to survive?A research station in the Arctic suffers catastrophic destruction.

Written as a collaboration between logan keys and #1 bestselling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus, The Long Fall is a gripping and unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre, and one that will leave you breathless with every turn of the page. This complete long fall omnibus box set contains all ten thrilling, exciting episodes from the series, comprising the entirety of the post-apocalyptic journey.

The Long Fall Box Set: The Complete Long Fall Series - Books 1-10 #ad - As millions succumb to the strange attack across the globe, a handful of brave souls must step forward and fight not just for their own survival but that of the entire human race. The long fall is a thrilling post-apocalyptic episodic series that follows the survivors of a global catastrophe that threatens the survival of the entire world.

A reporter in Manhattan stumbles across a conspiracy that has global consequences. As each survivor learns more about the reasons and sources behind the apocalypse, they must work to save themselves and their families as they seek a way to reverse the disaster before it's too late. A soldier in Poland dies in a mysterious accident.


Final Awakening A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller: The Complete Trilogy

Molten Universe Media #ad - The dark forces overrunning the city need him—for reasons explained by the enigmatic voodoo priest, Papa Midnight. He is on the run, desperately searching for his estranged sister as the riots intensify. An amazon bestselling trilogy with 2. 6 million pages read. Save more than 90% on the series by purchasing the complete trilogy!It's always darkest before the Dawn.

Book 1 - dawnwhen the blackout arrives, Dax Harper finds himself alone and fighting for survival on the chaotic streets of New Orleans. Thorn and Zach Bohannon. Dax must risk everything to save himself—and humanity. Final awakening is the complete trilogy, a post-apocalyptic thriller from bestselling authors, J.

Final Awakening A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller: The Complete Trilogy #ad - But as the situation deteriorates, his loved ones, Dax will have to dig deep to save himself, and his beloved city. Book 3 - nighton the run and desperately trying to save his loved ones, Dax confronts the epic, evil forces now pillaging the post-apocalyptic landscape. As the hours pass, the city floods, pitting Dax in an epic battle against time and a mysterious new enemy threatening the future of humankind.

Book 2 - duskas new orleans continues to burn and the flood waters rise, Dax Harper must get his band of survivors to safety. An unexpected encounter with his ex-girlfriend thrusts Dax into a leadership position—one he’s not sure he can accept. Powerful allies and new friends come to his side as the battle of the Final Awakening begins.


After the End Trilogy: The Complete Post-Apocalyptic Box Set

#ad - After the apocalypse. After the End. The world you love has fallen apart. What will you become?who will you blame?and who can you trust?Follow the adventures of Eda Becker as she navigates her way through the ruins of a ravaged, post-nuclear superpower. After the end trilogy features three breathtaking novels The Curse, The Sinners, The End War – ‘full of action and great characters.

After the End Trilogy: The Complete Post-Apocalyptic Box Set #ad - Don’t miss out on this series if you love post-apocalyptic, horror and dystopian fiction. What readers are saying about After the End:‘I loved that the hero was female. Sassi‘a breathless ride…Mark Gillespie is the king of dystopian fiction. Kirsten mcKenzie, author of Painted. Seems to channel the best of Stephen King and now Atwood…brilliantly written.

Bronwyn Kotze. Get it Now! Land of the free. Home of the brave. This is America.


Books 1-9 - Heaven's Fist Box Set: The Complete Heaven's Fist Series

Muonic Press Inc #ad - This series covers the period immediately before, during and after a devastating apocalyptic event sweeps across the world. This series asks a simple question: if the worst were to happen, would you be able to survive?Written as a collaboration between Justin Bell and Mike Kraus, this post-apocalyptic thriller is a gripping ride that takes a unique look at the post-apoc genre and will leave you breathless with every turn of the page.

The critically acclaimed heaven's fist series, featuring the complete 9-book series!When the sky comes crashing down, Now in One Complete Edition! Heaven's Fist is an epic survival/thriller post-apocalyptic series from best-selling post-apocalyptic authors Mike Kraus and Justin Bell, one family must risk everything to survive.

An unprecedented terrorist attack rips apart the Gregory family, trapping them on opposite sides of the world. As marilyn struggles to keep her three children alive and out of harms way, Marcus fights to stay alive in the middle of a war-torn region, all while searching for answer to a global catastrophe that threatens the lives of his family - and the world.

Books 1-9 - Heaven's Fist Box Set: The Complete Heaven's Fist Series #ad - Heaven's fist is a near-future, what-if tale of a frightening apocalyptic future told through a gripping, roller coaster lens. Following a cataclysmic event that destroys the network of satellites in orbit around the earth and activates dozens of orbital kinetic bombardment weapons, cities across the globe are reduced to rubble and the status quo is changed as governments fall and millions die all in the blink of an eye.

At 40, 000 words or more per book, Heaven's Fist was originally produced and released on a bi-weekly schedule.