Due Diligence Adventures in the Liaden Universe®

When clan Korval knows your name. Cornered in a cheap bar by a too-knowledgeable stranger with an unlikely offer, Fer Gun realized having no money and no license might be the least of his troubles. Clan korval knew his name and that proposal was hard to refuse. Abandoned on a strange port by a scam gone bad, more trouble, and his pockets very much to let, Fer Gun pen'Uldra was teetering between trouble, his license to pilot rescinded, and bad trouble.


Change Management Adventures in the Liaden Universe®

Some people advise that we “embrace change!” other people realize that change has edges, and if you embrace it the wrong way, it may feel a lot more like a knife than a bromide when it touches your guts. Here are two lee and miller stories set in the Liaden Universe®, " original to this chapbook; and "Wise Child, "Street Cred, " reprinted from Baen.

Com. Success and the survival of all you hold dear may hinge on how you manage change. Both stories with the complications arising from decisive change, and decisive Change Management at the point of peril. Times are perilous, violence rife, and the future uncertain.

Neogenesis Liaden Universe®

Anyone whose taste runs toward SF in the true romantic tradition can’t help but like the Liaden Universe. Analog “the many fans of the Liaden universe will welcome the latest…continuing young pilot Theo Waitley’s adventures. Booklist on saltation “Aficionados of intelligent space opera will be thoroughly entertained.

. It’s all a rather heady mix of Gordon R. Strangely, they merely became wary of humans, however, the Free Ships and other AIs did not turn themselves in or suicide, and stayed under their scans. A clandestine support network grew up, and mentors--humans specially trained to ease a new intelligence into the universe--socialized them, including hidden yards where smart ships were manufactured, and taught them what they needed to know to survive.

. New entry in the nationally best-selling liaden universe series. Space opera milieu. The question is:  who will get to it first? about neogenesis: "As always, honor, duty, this intelligent space opera focuses on matters of manners, and clever repartee; violence is rarely the solution, and subtlety wins out over overt force.


Degrees of Separation Adventures in the Liaden Universe®

And, most especially, Love. Elizabeth moon, author of Into the Fire. Degrees of separation: adventures in the liaden universe® number 27 * * * * * * * * * * * * "Degrees of Separation" is a perfect gem, both alone and with "Block Party" as a sequel. Once again, lee and miller show themselves able to create intriguing new characters, as well as interesting clues to enlighten the re-reads of the earlier books and new ones.

Lowport. Or, as some have it, chance. And Lowport. Life. A tale of bread, and Luck, and Love. Love makes us daring. The yeast of life, love expands our horizons, deepens our understanding, and opens our eyes. Ah, Love. Luck is what makes life interesting; introducing spicy bits of chaos – good, bad, and neutral. We start with two people – a baker, Don Eyr; Serana, a captain of the Watch.


Sleeping with the Enemy Adventures in the Liaden Universe®

Each story features a young person coming to terms with the new conditions, and navigating treacherous cultural waters. Two novelettes set on surebleak after it has been invaded and conquered by Pat Rin yos'Phelium Clan Korval. Friend of a Friend" is original to this chapbook. Chimera" was first published on Baen.

Com in may 2015.

Technical Details Adventures in the Liaden Universe®

Two stories about the folks who keep the social and technical machinery running. In "eleutherios, " the friars at a down-and-out abbey are taken in hand by an unlikely savior. Landed alien" finds kara ven'Arith on a space station maintenance crew when a series of inexplicable events overtake support functions.

Both stories previously appeared on the Baen Books website.

The Gathering Edge Liaden Universe®

Continues to delight with genteel interactions between mild-spoken characters who are capable of great passions and swift actions, and its immense scope encompasses a well-realized and comfortable universe. Publishers Weekly   Baen. No wonder theo and her crew felt the need of a break, and retired to what Bechimo refers to as "safe space.

Unfortunately, safe space may not be so safe, anymore. In fact, whole spaceships are coming through. One of those ships is a blasted battleship seemingly fleeing a long-lost war. About series prequel Alliance of Equals: ". It seems that bechimo’s “safe space” is about to become deadly perilous. It seems that things are leaking through from another universe, and another time.

National bestseller. A series milestone as we welcome the twentieth amazing entry in the nationally best-selling Liaden Universe® series. The luck runs rough around Theo Waitley. Not only are people trying to kill her and capture the self-aware intelligent ship Bechimo to whom Theo is bonded, and throw the dignity of an important passenger, the duly-constituted norbear ambassador Hevelin, they’re also trying to arrest her crew members, into question.

It’s certain that they are in dire need of help.

Heirs to Trouble Adventures in the Liaden Universe

Contains two novelettes in the liaden universe®: "Roving Gambler, " and "Code of Honor, " both set in the turbulent time following Clan Korval's relocation to Surebleak. He's to become a pawn in a risky game of melant'i, in which the stakes are human lives. Chancy. Baen. Deliberately overlooked for pilot duty, where he becomes a maelstrom of luck, he is ordered to wait at the Emerald Casino, both good and.

Code of honor, " sees technical Sergeant Tommy Lee called home from the mercs by his delm. Roving gambler, " finds quin yos'phelium, Boss Conrad's son, and Pat Rin yos'Phelium's heir at loose ends on a bad day. However, Tommy Lee has other ideas. Both stories were previously published in A Liaden Universe® Constellation, from Baen Books, Volume 3, August 2015.


Cultivar Adventures in the Liaden Universe

Baen. This chapbook contains two tales from the Liaden Universe®: short story "Out of True, " and novelette "The Rifle's First Wife. Out of true" is a first contact story that takes place around the time of Balance of Trade and Trade Secrets. Both stories were previously published in A Liaden Universe® Constellation, from Baen Books, Volume 3, August 2015.

The rifle's first wife" takes place soon after Korval's relocation to Surebleak, and explores the necessity for society to adjust to new realities, and a new culture.

Moon's Honor Adventures in the Liaden Universe

Is he a sacrifice? or is he the hammer of the Goddess? A novelette detailing a first meeting between priestess of the Goddess, Moonhawk, and traveling magician, Lute. Meanwhile, master magician lute arrives in Dyan City on Beltane Eve, driven there by the will of the Goddess. Baen. A faction of renegade priestesses is seeking to circumvent the Dyan City High Priestess to outlaw "hedge magicians.

Their reason is that such "bogus magic" confuses the simple, and diverts awe and respect that ought to be reserved for the true magic worked by priestesses in the name of the Goddess.

Legacy Systems Adventures in the Liaden Universe®

Sometimes it saves you, and sometimes it takes you to the Space at Tinsori Light. The space at tinsori Light Sometimes in chaotic moments the panic button is all that's left. Intelligent design when a spaceship's inquisitive cabin boy finds a surplus crate of spare parts at a warehouse, all he knows is that he wants it very much.

Baen. His older cousin's willing to see him buy it, but not quite so understanding when it comes time to connect the dots.