First Wave Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce Book 1

Just another Friday night. Or is it?homeland security Agent Dakota Pierce is in the Washington backwoods to sniff out domestic terrorism. Dea rookie josh weber and his dog show up to uncover a mystery of their own. When a young woman’s body is discovered, everything points to a local militia. The northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce is on the case.

A christian Romantic Suspense novel*.

Second Chance Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce Book 2

The former navy sailor won’t stop until she’s figured out what the disappearance has to do with the Russians in Portland. When the two collide, a bigger plot is revealed. The agent left behind. Stuck on probation with nothing to do but busywork. Niall’s case points to a research college hiding more secrets than the local police.

One that puts hundreds in danger. The northwest-Counter Terrorism Taskforce is on the case. He meets haley, who is looking for her missing friend.

Third Hour Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce Book 3

Before anything can happen, the NSA analyst is implicated in a cyber-crime. Mason knows there’s more going on, but Talia won’t tell him what happened to her. When the hacker closes in, and the secret Service office is targeted, the only way to uncover what’s really going on is for them all to trust each other.

But with their histories, that’s a whole lot easier said than done. Good thing the Northwest-Counter Terrorism Taskforce is on the case. A christian Romantic suspense*. Hiding from her enemy. Talia takes an assignment at a bank, where she meets a dashing Secret Service agent.

Fourth Day Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce Book 4

As soon as he clears this one last investigation he’ll figure it out. The night her phone rings, the voice on the other end changes everything. Drawn into the latest northwest Counter Terrorism Taskforce case, Allyson has to figure out where her loyalties lie. Sal knows things are changing with the team, but he isn’t sure what’s next for him.

Trouble is, finding Allyson might be the hardest thing he’s ever done. The northwest Counter Terrorism Taskforce is on the case. A christian romantic suspense*. A dead woman returns. The trap is set. Allyson can’t get caught up in feelings. Not when there’s work to do.

Final Stand Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce Book 5

But there just might be too much history between Victoria and Mark for them to make a relationship work. When the truth about everything she's done comes to light, his loyalty to her is tested and he is forced to decide between duty and having what he’s always wanted. Will he give it all up for her?love meets obligation head on in this explosive conclusion to what readers are calling, “a five-star series!”The Northwest Counter-Terrorism Task Force is on the case.

. But there’s one role she’s never realized. The woman in Mark Welvern’s life. When the capture of a corrupt fbi agent and one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted is finally within her grasp, Victoria has to make one last choice between the people she loves and the score she needs to settle. Mark has loved Victoria for years.

A vendetta. The biggest case of her life. Victoria bramlyn has been a spy, a State Department Director, team leader and friend.

Line of Duty Fog Lake Suspense Book 4

Abby brennan always did her best to be the good girl and to live by the rules. But after a gut-wrenching failure during his stint in the Army, he now faces a new challenge: his family. However, a madman known as the Executioner is determined to find her and enact his own brand of justice. Will jaxon’s sense of duty be enough to help keep Abby safe? Or will deadly secrets lead to the penalty of death?

When jaxon and abby are thrown together in the killer’s crosshairs, they’re forced to depend on one another to survive. When a wrong decision changes her entire life, she tries to hide from the world. Jaxon wilder didn’t plan on returning home to Fog Lake, Tennessee, following his tour of duty in Iraq.


Rains of Remorse Lantern Beach Romantic Suspense Book 5

Or will remorse overpower the best of intentions? Above all, she must protect the baby growing inside her. But who is levi stoneman really? Rebecca wants to believe he can help her, but she can’t ignore her instincts. As danger closes in, both Rebecca and Levi must figure out whom they can trust. Can the truth prevail.

Since her estranged husband died suspiciously six months earlier, Rebecca has been determined to depend on no one but herself. Her chivalrous new neighbor appears to be an answer to prayer. A stranger invades her home, leaving Rebecca Jarvis terrified. With rebecca’s baby coming soon, there’s no time to waste.


Dark Water Lantern Beach Blackout Book 1

A former navy seal haunted by his pastcolton locke can’t forget the black op that went terribly wrong. But those very secrets might just tear the team apart.   . Is it because she knows too much? Or is it to keep her from finding the truth? The Blackout team must uncover dark secrets hiding beneath seemingly still waters.

Despite his hero status, he can’t erase the mistakes he’s made. A widow with secretsfor the past year, elise oliver hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that there’s more to her husband’s death than she was told. Desperate for a new start, and forms Blackout, North Carolina, he moves to Lantern Beach, a private security firm.

The only person she trusts to help her is her husband’s best friend, Colton Locke. The fight for justicesomeone wants Elise dead. When she finds a hidden box of his personal possessions, more questions—and suspicions—arise.

Safe Harbor Lantern Beach Blackout Book 2

But when they’re thrown together in a fight for survival, both must learn to trust. A job as easy as sunday morningguilt over past mistakes haunts former Navy SEAL Dez Rodriguez. When he’s asked to guard a pop star during a music festival on Lantern Beach, he’s all set for what he hopes is a breezy assignment.

Until he meets bree jordanbree hasn’t found fame to be nearly as fulfilling as she dreamed. Can dez protect bree—and his carefully guarded heart? Or will their safe harbor ultimately become their death trap? Instead, she’s more like a carefully crafted character living out a pre-scripted story. When a stalker’s threats become deadly, her life—and career—are turned upside down.

Danger rises up the chartsfrom the start, bree sees her temporary bodyguard as a player, and Dez sees Bree as a spoiled rich girl.

3 - Witness Protection Collection: Books 1

But she learns Matt has secrets that threaten both her heart and her life. But can he convince beth of that or will she opt for witness protection?Set near Big Bend National Park and in Central Oregon, romantic-suspense story about love, No Turning Back is a clean, high-action, near the Deschutes River, courage, and the futility of human vengeance.

Gemma learns from her witsec inspector her identity was compromised and someone in the DOJ has sent a team to kill her. Gemma seeks help from Lex James, a young investigative journalist and offers him the biggest story of his career. But lex was recently given custody of his deceased sister’s four-year-old twins, Josh and Caleb.

Three clean, stand-alone, romantic-suspense novels. Book 1 - no safe placewhen randi, literally runs into Matt on an Olympic National Park trail, a world-class, middle-distance runner, she believes she's found someone who can help heal her heart. Matt is a prodigal trying to come home from the far country, action-filled, but how much is he willing to give to restore his honor?No Safe Place is a clean, faith, honor, forgiveness, romantic-suspense story that races from the scenic beaches of the Olympic National Park to the beauty of Lake Chelan in Central Washington State, a story of courage, and love.

Book 2 - no true justicethey forced Gemma Saint into witness protection, not to protect her, but to silence her. After testifying in a high-profile case, gemma, a young intern at an influential media outlet, is forced into WITSEC by corrupt DOJ officials hoping to silence her. No one in his charge will ever be hurt again, no matter the cost.

Ripple Effect Lantern Beach Blackout Book 3

But an unseen enemy wants something from them. When disaster strikes, can Griff keep his family safe? Or will past mistakes bring the ultimate failure? . Maybe in the process she’ll learn why he really left. A shocking secret threatens everythingas danger ripples through their lives, Griff and Bethany must work together to uncover the truth about who’s behind these acts.

And will stop at nothing to get it. After someone tried to abduct Ada, Bethany is desperate to find safety. Doing the right thing was his hardest task yetgriff mcintyre never expected his ex-wife, Bethany, and two-year-old daughter, Ada, to show up on his doorstep. Now griff’s not letting either of them out of his sight.

Desperation is the tie that binds them bethany knows griff is the only one who can protect them, despite the fact that he broke her heart. But she’ll do anything to protect her daughter—even if it means playing nicely with Griff.