Staying at Daisy’s

He is arrogant and sarcastic-but also incredibly sexy. Daisy tries her best to steer clear of him, yet soon comes to realize he is the one guest she can't bear to see leave. Then she learns a devastating truth: most people are not who they seem to be, for better or worse. From the new york times and usa today bestselling author-smart, sassy, love, savy women's fiction that never disappoints!"Another jaunty read about life, and laughter.

Reading evening Post"Engaging, warm, and funny. An entertaining romp. Liverpool echo"there's trouble at Daisy's hotel when she has to deal with a colourful set of wedding guests and her own troubled love life. Sure-fire bestseller from Queen of chicklit, Mansell. Heat"a lively, appealing, and sassy comedy of errors about second chances.

. Romantic storyteller Jill Mansell is in top form. Nuneaton Evening Telegraph. Life is easy, it's men she'll never figure out.

Thinking of You

Praise for a walk in the Park: "What a fabulous read. Laugh out loud moments, heartwarming and sweet. Wendy's minding Spot "Wonderful characters. Held me captivated. Long and short reviews "A great read with drama, dry humor, and colorful characters. Rt book reviews, 4 stars "mansell excels at the ensemble romantic comedy, and her quirky but endearing characters shine once again.

Booklist "Charming. Mansell deftly weaves a web of poignant loves stories. Publishers Weekly. International bestselling author Jill Mansell spins a poignant and funny story of mothers, daughters, friends, and lovers. And what happens when everything takes a turn for the unexpected. Is your life full of surprises? No? Well, what if it could be? You may begin to think you're living someone else's reality.

Usa today bestseller! are you in the midst of one of those "exciting" phases of life, like the eerily quiet empty nest.

A Walk in the Park

There's a lot of catching up for everyone to do, and Lara's return is going to be anything but a walk in the park. Why has no one heard from her since? does it mean anything that she's suddenly reappeared in Bath just in time for her ex–best friend Evie's wedding? And what about Flynn? Even the most eagle–eyed observer can't tell whether he's happy to see her, or just stunned.

While secrets pile up on secrets, and the gossip mill wings into high gear, the brand–new life Lara's searching for becomes ever more elusive. Praise for to the moon and back: "A tremendous look at friendship, hope, romance, and second chances. Rt book reviews, 4 stars "A romantic and lighthearted story.

. Fans will eat this story up. Publishers weekly "Mansell crafts a lovely story with multiple plotlines, characters, and love interests. Usa today "absolutely, positively and outstanding story. Night owl reviews Reviewer Top Pick, 5 stars. Lara carson left her family and boyfriend Flynn eighteen years ago without a word to anyone.

No one could have planned for this.

Good at Games

Harry wants famous rock star Jaz to be his best man-only he's Suzy's ex-husband and a recovering alcoholic. As each new piece comes into play, everyone has more to lose, and the only way to win is if you're good at the games of love. Praise for the unexpected Consequences of Love: "A perfect escape. Full of the kind of joy that Mansell's readers have come to savor and that new readers will have a hard time resisting.

Rt book reviews, at times, 4 stars "A charming and, madcap romantic comedy. Booklist"mansell will be your remedy for years to come. Night owl reviews, 4 ½ stars, Top Pick. Suzy's half sister lucille loves getting to know the family she'd never met, nor can Suzy quash her entirely inappropriate feelings for Leo, Harry's engaged brother! With all these wild players at the table, but she can't help her attraction to Jaz, mayhem is bound to ensue.

New york times and usa today bestselling author Jill Mansell captivates with a madcap tale of the games lovers play. Who will make the next move?how does one become accidentally engaged? That's what Suzy Curtis thinks when she suddenly finds herself very publicly engaged to handsome Harry Fitzallan, local town hero.



Could ross actually be the best thing thats eve'r happened to her? One fling follows another, and now the whole community is embroiled in a great big web of deceit, the untangling of which will charm you, amuse you, make you laugh and make you cry. Jill mansell keeps on getting better. Good housekeepinggood intentions go awry in this irresistible page-turner from international bestseller author Jill MansellOutspoken Tessa Duvall lives in a tiny, cozy cottage near Bath, struggling as an artist and feeling she doesn't really fit in with her posh friends.

One fateful evening, she lets her best friend drag her to an elegant party, with every intention of sneaking out early. She knows ross and his wicked reputation may be nothing but a distraction, but soon, Tessa realizes that even a temporary fling can have permanent consequences. Then she encounters ross Monahan, quite literally, the high-profile hotel owner who, charms the pants off Tessa.


An Offer You Can't Refuse

Then lola discovers a secret that makes her think again, and the only way she can help one of the people she loves most in the world is to take the money and break Dougie's heart. Ten years later, when Lola meets Dougie again, her feelings for him are as strong as ever. To read it is to devour it. Company"A light-hearted and likeable tale.

Prima"A jaunty summer read. Daily mail"A great, comical read. Birmingham Post. What's a girl to do with. An offer you can't refuse?a new bestseller from one of the UK's biggest authors!Nothing could tear Lola and Dougie apart, except his mother. Seventeen-year-old lola has no intention of accepting when her boyfriend's snobbish mother offers her a huge bribe to break up with him.

She'll do almost anything to get him back, but she can never tell him the truth. Can she overcome his bitterness and win his heart? She's attractive, persuasive, and endlessly optimistic, but even Lola's got her work cut out for her this time. Praise for an offer you can't refuse"pick this up at your peril: you won't get a thing done till it's finished!""You won't be disappointed in this gem.

Hot stars magazine"pick this up at your peril: you won't get a thing done till it's finished.

To The Moon and Back

Compelling. Will ellie let her grief and her past consume her? Or will she realize the man of her dreams is flesh and blood-and right in front of her eyes. British women's fiction and a great romantic book, To The Moon and Back has a wonderful cast of supporting characters and tender romance. The hardest part of love is moving on.

. It's been a year since ellie Kendall's husband, was killed in an accident, Jamie, but she's still grieving. At the urging of jamie's successful actor father Tony, Ellie moves to London's glamorous Primrose Hill, where nobody knows her past. To the moon and back, to put it simply, is BRILLIANT. She's like. Susan elizabeth phillips, Eloisa James, Jill Barnett, and Diana Palmer all rolled into one.

A sweet romantic contemporary about love, loss, and second chances. In fact, she finds herself talking to him regularly. About guilt and forgiveness.

Take a Chance on Me

Johnny laventure, sculptor extraordinaire and her personal childhood nemesis, is back in Channing's Hill and tormenting her as if he'd never been away. Meanwhile cleo's sister abbie has a problem of her own-husband Tom has become distant and withdrawn, and she's determined to find out why. Handsome and attentive, he could be her Mr Right.

Even in a small town the drama is larger than life. But will the shocking truth mean the end of their idyllically happy marriage? The sisters are about to discover that the past can come back to haunt you, and that love can flourish in the unlikeliest of places. Things are definitely looking up for Cleo. Apart from one small problem with a rather large ego.

Cleo quinn doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to men, but now Will's come along. Praise for jill mansell: "pick this up at your peril: you won't get a thing done till it's finished. Heat magazine "witty and charming, this easygoing tale is full of twists that make it hard to put down. Woman magazine "Mansell knows her craft and delivers a finely tuned romantic comedy.

Miranda's Big Mistake

He's gorgeous, witty, and they're on the brink of falling madly in love. Until miranda finds out he's just left his pregnant wife. With the help of her friends, Miranda plans the most delicious revenge a heartbroken girl can get. But will miranda learn from her mistake, or move on to the next "perfect" man and ignore the love of her life waiting in the wings?What Readers Are Saying About Jill Mansell:"A book by Jill will make you happy.

Trust me. There's something magical about Jill's writing. When i pick up a jill Mansell book, I know I'm in for a treat. Her stories make me believe in happy ever after. ". International bestseller Jill Mansell delivers an irresistibly feel-good story about friendship, family, and finding love where you least expect it.

Revenge is a dish best served sweet. Miranda's most recent male-related catastrophe is the seemingly perfect Greg.

You and Me, Always

Learning about the first and only real love of her mom's life is a revelation. The same momentous day, lily meets Eddie Tessler, an actor fleeing fame who could change her world in unimaginable ways. International bestseller jill mansell crafts a deliciously romantic story about love, loss and secrets that just can't be keptNothing stays secret forever, least of all love.

. On the morning of her twenty-fifth birthday, Lily Harper opens the very last letter written to her by her beloved mother, who died when she was eight. But one thing is clear: in the beautiful Cotswold village of Stanton Langley, nothing will ever be the same again. But her childhood friend Dan has his own reasons for not wanting Lily to get too carried away by Eddie's attentions.

As secrets past and present begin to emerge, Lily's not sure what-or who-to believe.