The Grasshopper Trap

From facing an angry bear with an unloaded gun and the folly of running a boat while it’s still on the trailer to not questioning the ingredients found in camp cookout cuisine and the best methods of catching grasshoppers, no one knows how to express Mother Nature’s sense of humor like Patrick F. McManus.

Mcmanus, the “funniest guy in the outdoor life and Field & Stream gang…offers another bag of whimsy in the Great Outdoors”* with The Grasshopper Trap. Patrick F. It’s enough to tickle the most rabid member of the National Rifle Association. Kirkus Reviews. In this collection of thirty zany stories, spoofing camping, and other outdoor recreational activities, fishing, McManus shares his hilarious wilderness misadventures.


Never Sniff A Gift Fish

More humorous observations and insights into the agonies and ecstacies of hunting, fishing, and camping by the author of They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?and other celebrations of life in the wild.

The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw

Mcmanus’s hilarious and comic stories of camping and other nature-oriented activities reach ridiculous proportions in The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw. From teaching his stepfather the methods of madness behind farm work through his best friend’s grandmother’s fear of bears, McManus reveals that human behavior is even wilder than the wilderness.

America’s “most gifted outdoor humorist” Detroit Free Press regales readers with this collection of gut-busting, man vs. Nature tales originally published in such magazines as Field & Stream and Outdoor Living. Patrick F.

Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs Holt Paperback

He introduces a variety of friends old and new, and takes readers to many exotic locales outdoors and indoors. America's favorite outdoor humorist is back with an outrageously fresh collection of stories.

They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?

Mcmanus here follows up a fine and Pleasant Misery with a collection of sketches that launches him into the front ranks of outdoor humorists. Library Journal. Mcmanus celebrates the hidden pleasures, and fishing in his hilarious collection they shoot canoes, hunting, don’t They?Gathered here for the reader’s edification are such treasures as the true but little known story of the discovery of the efficacy of live bait by Genghis Khan’s chef, unappreciated lore, and opportunities for disaster to be found in the recreations of camping, an examination of the precarious and perhaps fanatical expertise required for ice fishing, and a consideration of the circumstances that can cause a deer to ride a bicycle.

Included, is the hunter’s dictionary, an invaluable lexicon that helps the novice sportsman understand such arcane terminology as “ooooooeee-ah-ah-ah! If there’s one thing I hate, too, it’s putting on cold, wet pants in the morning” and “Baff mast pime ig bead feas mid miff pife! That’s the last time I try to eat peas in the dark with my hunting knife!” The author’s appreciation of outdoor life began in his early boyhood, when he absorbed a wealth of improbable information imparted by the old woodsman Rancid Crabtree, “who bathed only on leap years.

Young mcmanus also enjoyed special adventures with his ill-remembered sidekick, the loquacious family dog, Retch Sweeney, and another boon companion of days gone by, Strange, whose exploits as a hunter were limited to assaulting stray chickens and on one memorable occasion a skunk. With tongue pressed firmly in cheek and a gentle but penetrating eye for human foibles, Patrick F.

Among additional topics explored are The Crouch Hop and Other Useful Outdoor Steps, The Sensuous Angler, and Psychic Powers for Outdoorsmen.

A Fine and Pleasant Misery

If you’re thinking about getting back to nature, hiking, the surreal adventures chronicled here will make you think twice about giving it all up for a life of camping, and hunting. Mcmanus in a collection edited and introduced by Jack Samson, long-time editor-in-chief of Field & Stream. The great outdoors have never been rendered as hysterically as in the reminiscences—true and exaggerated—of Patrick F.

. McManus. A hilarious compilation” los angeles times, A Fine and Pleasant Misery gathers twenty-seven witty, cautionary tales of the outdoor life from beloved humorist Patrick F.

Real Ponies Don't Go Oink!

Bestsellers by america's favorite humorist:a fine and pleasant miserythey shoot canoes, don't they?never sniff a gift fishThe Grasshopper TrapRubber Legs And White Tail-hairsThe Night The Bear Ate GoombawWhatchagot Stew with Patricia "The Troll" McManus GassReal Ponies Don't Go Oink!The Good Samaritan Strikes AgainHow I Got This WayThese titles are available from Henry Holt and Company.


The Good Samaritan Strikes Again

With “a style that brings to mind Mark Twain, Art Buchwald, and Garrison Keillor” People, Patrick F. Mcmanus delivers another stellar collection of witty cautionary tales of the great outdoors in The Good Samaritan Strikes Again. Gathering together twenty-four of his hilarious essays—originally published in such magazines as Outdoor Life—this volume features not only McManus’s follies with Mother Nature, his public relations career, his less than helpful attempt to be a good Samaritan to an injured motorist, but those of human nature as he shares such funny moments of his life as his first kiss, and so much more.


Kerplunk!: Stories

Often nostalgic, and always funny, occasionally philosophical, the stories in Kerplunk! reaffirm Patrick F. In these tall tales, why you should never get your hair cut by someone who's mad at you, McManus and his buddies learn how not to net a fish, what to do when a deer wanders into camp but your sleeping bag has frozen shut, and how to avoid bird-dog flatulence.

Patrick F. Mcmanus's gently comic stories about outdoor life have earned him millions of fans worldwide. Mcmanus's characters know exactly why it costs $500 to make a fly lure that retails for $2; why installing a boat trailer hookup can lead to divorce; and, you don't know you're in the water until you hear the kerplunk! These wry, most important, why you should always listen for the sound of your fishing line hitting the water -- because in life as it is in fishing, curmudgeonly tales appeal to real outdoorsmen and the armchair variety alike.

Mcmanus's reputation as an American classic. With kerplunk!, mcmanus delivers a collection of folksy, wonderfully wise depictions of country life worthy of Mark Twain. Traveling the highways and byways of the pacific Northwest, the delightful backcountry characters of Kerplunk! understand how a life of hunting and fishing -- and its inherent potential for misadventure -- can resonate with larger meaning.


Into the Twilight, Endlessly Grousing

Like twain -- or more contemporary humorists Dave Barry and Garrison Keillor -- Patrick McManus shares the belief that life's eternal verities exist primarily to be overturned. In mcmanus's world, strong coffee is drunk by the light of a campfire, all steaks should be chicken-fried, and fishing trips consist of men acting like boys and boys behaving like the small animals we've always assumed they were.

In this, the tenth hilarious collection of his adventures, mcmanus takes on everything from an Idaho crime wave to his friend Dolph's atomic-powered huckleberry picker to the uncertain joys of standing waist-deep in icy water, wry observations, and curmudgeonly calls for bigger and bigger fish stories, watching the fish go by.


How I Got This Way

Patrick mcmanus, the bestselling author of such hilarious books as a fine and Pleasant Misery and Never Sniff a Gift Fish, beginning with the need to be tall, and much more, now offers readers solid thoughts on the qualities that define leadership, in this outrageous collection of short pieces that reveals his tortuous trip along the writer's path.